How To Make Ash Gourd Or Petha Juice For Weight Loss And Alkaline Detox


  • Ash gourd is a treasure of antioxidants
  • Petha is alkaline in nature
  • Petha is an Indian vegetable

Think ‘petha’ and maximum folks get started picturing the candy sweet Agra is known for, after Taj Mahal, after all. But there is so a lot more we want to perceive recognize about this inexperienced vegetable. Yes, the sweet you relish is made from a vegetable known as petha. It has a robust inexperienced frame and white flesh. It could also be recognized by means of the names like ash gourd, white pumpkin and so on. The gourd vegetable is loaded with well being advantages, and could also be a rage within the health international for a string of causes.

Safed Petha or Ash Gourd Benefits:

Deepti Tiwari, Consultant Dietetics of CK Birla Hospital stocks a couple of well being advantages of petha or ash gourd. “One of the most significant benefits of ash gourd or safed petha is weight loss. It is very low in calories, and rich in soluble fibres that help keep you full for a long time. It is also replete with potassium which acts as a diuretic in case you have problems like water retention. Moreover, it also has vitamin B2 which is good for energy levels, also riboflavin which facilitates the activity of thyroid gland and stress hormones. Both of which are crucial for weight management. Apart from weight loss, eating petha could also be a good idea for those who have a common problem of acidity, ulcers and heart burn. It acts as a coolant since it is alkaline in nature. It also happens to be a very good source of vitamin C, flavonoids that help pump up your immunity levels”

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It acts as a coolant since it’s alkaline in nature.

In an Instagram reside consultation with NDTV Food Macrobiotic nutritionist and Health trainer Shilpa Arora additionally spoke concerning the alkaline nature of petha, and the way consuming recent juice made with petha each morning may just act as a sponge and cleanse your frame of poisons, whilst being tremendous cool and calming on tummy.

Weight Loss: Here’s How Can Make Petha Juice At Home:

Peel and lower the white chunks of ash gourd or white gourd. Remember to peel off pores and skin smartly.
Take a blender, upload part a cup filled with petha. Blend it. If the consistency is simply too thick, you’ll upload some water as smartly.
Do now not upload any sugar within the juice. Strain the juice and drink recent. You too can mix a couple of sprigs of mint within the detox, for a burst of freshness.

Try this drink at house and tell us how you loved it.

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