Pro-Trump media outlets are in denial as many states report new surge in coronavirus cases

Coronavirus denialism can take many shapes. The major form I’m seeing at this time, throughout pro-Trump communicate presentations and blogs and webcasts, is invisible to the bare eye. They’re simply no longer protecting the virus a lot in any respect.

President Trump is not giving them a lot subject material to paintings with. He is only speaking in regards to the virus or offering a proactive message to the American other folks. Instead, he is {golfing} and tweeting about “Sleepy Joe” and triggering “white power” controversies. His favourite presentations and stars are by way of and big sticking to the similar script — and thus doing a disservice to readers and audience…
Quoting Margaret Sullivan’s latest WaPo column: “For too long, many devotees of most right-wing news decided they didn’t need to stay home. Others absorbed the idea that wearing a protective mask was an act of left-leaning partisanship. But disease leaps across the political aisle quite nimbly. And so it’s tragic — but again not all that surprising — to see the virus spiking now in red states where governors and other public officials joined Trump and his favorite news outlets early on in downplaying the dangers.”
CNN senior political analyst Kirsten Powers, previously a Fox News contributor, said on Sunday’s “Reliable Sources” that right-wing media’s preliminary “refusal to accept” coronavirus as a large drawback “cost a lot of lives” and did “irreparable damage.” And David Zurawik mentioned it’s nonetheless occurring: “Trump and his right-wing messaging machine are muddying the waters, confusing people…”

Fox’s priorities

“Fox News Sunday” moderator Chris Wallace led his Sunday program with what he referred to as a “dangerous new phase of the pandemic.” The news hours on Fox News additionally targeted at the pandemic. But the channel’s perfect rated hours on Sunday — like “Fox & Friends” in the morning and “Life, Liberty and Levin” at evening — led with “law and order” tales and mirrored Trump’s speaking issues.

I’m no longer arguing that each and every display on each and every community must be the similar. Of direction no longer! But Fox’s MAGA communicate presentations elevate distinctive affect amongst a swath of Americans who persistently say they do not consider different resources. Often occasions they do not even consider the newscasts on Fox. The communicate presentations have no longer taken this new Covid-19 spike significantly sufficient.

>> My TVEyes seek for mentions of “masks” in June became up 1,345 effects on CNN, 970 effects on MSNBC, and simply 485 effects on Fox…

>> And here is any other instance: Producer Marina di Marzo analyzed the Trump-Sean Hannity the city corridor and located that simplest 3 mins of the hour had been dedicated to the coronavirus…

>> Re: the “town hall,” Susan Glasser informed me that it confirmed “a president who is very disconnected from reality…” Watch her comments here…

Hammering house the fundamentals

Oliver Darcy writes: Those people who paintings in the news business are very acquainted with the fundamentals of the virus and preventive measures that may be taken to gradual its unfold. But you need to remember the fact that most of the people are no longer as plugged into the news cycle as we are and are, as a outcome, extra vulnerable to believing spin and incorrect information. So what must newshounds do? Hammer house the fundamentals.

For instance, a well-liked speaking level from the W.H. in fresh days is that higher get right of entry to to trying out is the rationale america is seeing a upward push in cases. People I do know have made this argument to me as smartly. But whilst higher trying out is most probably a contributing issue to extra certain cases, it no doubt does not inform the entire tale. News outlets must give an explanation for this, appearing charts of higher hospitalization charges to force house the purpose that extra other folks in sure spaces of the rustic are in reality getting unwell.

It does not prevent there. Unfortunately, the general public nonetheless wishes an excessive amount of training round the usage of face mask. News orgs must reiterate at each and every probability the statistics that display how efficient mask-wearing is at lowering the virus. But there are different facets associated with mask-wearing that I feel must even be identified: That even if sporting a face-covering, social distancing must be adopted if conceivable; that masks with valves should be avoided; and that mask must duvet your nostril and mouth. These are fundamentals, however judging by way of the selection of other folks I see getting these items flawed, they obviously wish to be reiterated…

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